Sunday, June 08, 2008

These are 16 pandas from China.
Aren't they so cute?
Thanks for sending me these pictures, David, I've just got to show them to everybody.


Sage said...

I love Panda's they remind me a lot of coloured koala bears.. slow and placid but with a bit of bite to them if you are not careful.

Nice to see a collective of Panda's - is there a proper name for this?

Annette said...

Sage, there is a collective noun for pandas, they are called a pandemonium of pandas.

Sage said...

I like that name... do you remember when it used to be part of english the collective nouns... I still remember a lot of them; I feel a post coming on to bring on some more - will link back to this story to bridge why


AnneDroid said...

I thought they couldn't get pandas to breed? Are you sure these aren't soft toys?

A pandemonium of pandas, lol.