Sunday, June 01, 2008

I went to work this morning, now since they stopped paying double time for Sundays I must admit I have stopped working on Sundays. But with a hefty dental bill to pay I said to geoff that I would have to do some overtime.
So off I went.
I started at 10.00am and finished at 1.30pm. I find that 31/2 hours is just enough hours to do as overtime, so I was happy with that.
As I was leaving I asked geoff to put the meat on about 12.00pm and I would see to the rest of the meal when I came home, as I usually cook the roasts on sundays. This he agreed.
Arriving home about 1.30pm. I went into the kitchen and sure enough the meat was cooking lovely. The veg had been prepared and the potatoes were waiting to go in.
"Don't touch anything" Geoff said. "I'll cook the roast today as you have been to work."
Great I thought. I didn't argue with him.

I made us a drink and sat down. Suddenly I looked at the time and realised that the potatoes should have gone in. When I said this to geoff he agreed and just sat there.
So I went in the kitchen and put them in the oven.

I then realised that the veg should have been cooking and said so to geoff so he went in to the kitchen and put them on. We had sprouts and cabbage.
Time went on and I got a bit worried when I couldn't 'smell' them cooking. I asked geoff about it and he said he only put them on a low light.
I walked into the kitchen and sure enough they were, on a very low light. They hadn't even boiled yet. Knowing that the meat and potatoes where cooking I turned the veg up and got them to the boil. I then turned them down to cook slowly.
Time went on and I asked geoff to check them, which he did but did not look in the oven at the meat. Realizing this I went into the kitchen and opened the oven door and turned the meat and potatoes.
I saw the gravy had been made but when I asked him if he had put some of the meat fat into it he said no, so I did that.
I came into the kitchen and geoff asked me if the meat was alright I explained that it only needed another 10 mins or so.
10 minutes later goeff asked me to get the meat out and leave it to rest.( We always do this.)
So back I went and got the meat out of the oven and left it to rest. In the meantime I had put the gravy on as geoff seemed to have forgotten about this. A roast is no good without loads of gravy, is it?
10 mins later goeff went out to prepare the roast and after another 10 mins I asked if he was alright. He said he was but needed a bit of help. I went into the kitchen and as he was cutting the meat up I realized he hadn't seived the veg, it was still cooking.
I got the collender out and seived the veg and at the same time got the potatoes out of the oven and put them on the plates.
I put the gravy on as well.

Geoff brought the dinner in and with a glass of wine we had a lovely meal.
Afterwards, geoff looked at me and said:
"That was a lovely meal I cooked wasn't it?"

"Er, yes dear." I said.

Oh yes, and guess who washed up?

Yes, thats course.


Sage said...

As nice as it is to have a meal cooked by the men in our life, sometimes it is nice to do it yourself - it is less stressful and more enjoyable.. just get them to do the wine and the washing up I think...

deb said...

My former used to 'do' the tidying up while I was at work. He was not yet employed as he was waiting on his 'green card'. I'd come home from work and he'd say, "I've hoovered the lounge today." I'd ask, "What about the other rooms?" "Oh, no, just the lounge."

What good is that when we'd just track mess from the other rooms back to the lounge! He never caught on. (sorry dickiebo if you read this! obviously not referring to you, dear)

dickiebo said...

You'll be sorry when I'm gone! (That's what my Mum always used to say to us!!).

deb said...

or....What WILL you do when I'm not around anymore?