Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ice on Mars

These pictures are from Phoenix the spacecraft that landed on the planet Mars on 25 June 2008.
Phoenix will also bring back some martian soil.
There has always been speculation about whether water is or ever has been on Mars and these pictures, hopefully confirm that.
That means that there could be micro organisms on Mars.
What else may we find?
We have always called mars our 'sister' planet because she is so much like ours although she is devoid of life. Or life as we know it anyway.
But now, after months of speculation could this be the proof we are looking for? Was there some form of life many, many years ago, or has she always been barren?
It looks like that there could have been a possibility of some form of life a long time ago, that has now dried up.
I can't wait to hear what the scientist find out. I find it fascinating.
Isn't it wonderful that we are able to send spacecraft up into space to find these things out, what else may we find out about our neighbouring planets?

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