Thursday, May 08, 2008

Well, what some lovely weather we are having. I know, don't speak to soon.
It is great to get up and not put the fire on or come home shivering and sitting on top of the fire.
Just get the old jeans and a T-shirt out and I'm happy.
Oh, yes, and take those winter socks off as well.

Taking of socks what is it about british gents and their socks?
Why oh why do they have to wear them with..........shorts.

The shorts are great, quite long, below the knee and then the socks.
The socks come up to their knees.

It looks like their trousers have divorced their shoes.

We do laugh at the male customers and we all look out for the funniest ones. (sorry, but we do!)When we see one we send messages to each other, whispering and nodding.

Like I said to one of the girls today: "Theres nothing funnier than a naked man wearing just his socks."
I don't know why but she did laugh. Guess she knows what I mean.



Sage said...

I came to the conclusion a while back, that men's feet are far too tender to be subjected to rubbing on sandals without socks in between the two surfaces...

Big toughies aren't they :-) lol

Me, I can't wait to get my shoes off at the end of the day and grub about in bare feet on the grass... or am I a peasant at heart?

keith hillman said...

Socks and shorts? Not likely!

dickiebo said...

I've never got over losing me nylons!!