Saturday, May 17, 2008

I really love Snowdrop, pictured, she looks so innocent doesn't she? She was...........
Until last night.
She always goes out in the evenings just for an hour or two, then she stays in overnight.
Well, we let her out, she doesn't go far she usually stays in the gardens,(my next door neighbours) she has got a catflap but she never uses it, she like to come through the patio door.
Just like the queen.
So I went to let her in and I nearly died, in her mouth she had a big bird. !!! Shock, horror.
I was hysterical, waving my arms about and jumping up and down screaming:"Shes got a bird, shes got a bird!" Geoff was looking at me as if I've gone mad and he said:"What do you mean?"
"Shes got a bird........... in her mouth!!" I screamed.
"Oh," said geoff. "Thats a first."
Snowdrop, seeing me, went all excited and was running around the garden and swinging the bird in her mouth, she had it by the neck and it was dead, she then flipped it up into mid air and chased it around the garden.
I felt sick.
Snowdrop then decided she would come in and what did she do? She came through the catflap. Neither geoff nor I had thought to close it and she must have known that.
In she came really excited, flinging it around and throwing it up in the air, while I stood there screaming at geoff to get rid of it. (I was really girlie you know.)
Geoff got up and asked me to get a dustpan and brush, which I did rather quickly, while he called snowdrop to distract her attention, but she wasn't having it. The bird came too.
After he called her a few times she did go to him and he rushed around and picked the bird up with the dustpan and brush and took it out in the garden to put it in the bin.
Well, snowdrop looked really disappointed at geoffs actions and stalked off.
I was relieved it was all over.
I went and put the kettle on and made a cup of tea, I walked into the lounge to see snowdrop at the door.........with another dead bird in her mouth.
I screamed.
geoff told me to leave her alone because that is what cats do. I could not believe that that was our snowdrop, she wouldn't harm a flea. Well, not normally.
Geoff explained she must have found a nest but where that was we don't know.
What happened to the bird?
Well about ten minutes later, I found a pair of birds feet by the patio door.
I never spoke to her again that night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Annette, thanks for your comment on my blog! I have to admit I enjoy reading your comments, and also your own blog!

We used to have cats a few years ago (before I moved out of home) and they frequently brought in Birds, Frogs, Newts and all sorts... apparently it's all a "present" for their owner (you) to tell you that they love you... well... so my Father says... I firmly agree with your "Yuck"... ;-)

Keep well, and don't worry, 'the' news will be in capital letters ;-)



bawpc said...

The neighbourhood cat where I used to live was allowed in our house once in a while, she was cute after all...That was until I saw her chasing a mouse(in a playful manner)...all she wanted to do was play but when it stopped moving she changed her mind...I saw the tail disappearing in her mouth. YUK YUK.

Sage said...

It's not the bits they eat but the bits they leave behind... poor birds, they are living in dangerous times. I think that is why I prefer dogs, but then again I grew up with dogs in the house never cats.

Bet you have forgiven her now :-)

Dinoplod said...

Just stopped our biggest cat going for a seagull. It didn't bear thinking about........

Noddy said...

How can the Annihilator be 'girlie'?

bawpc said...

dinoplod, I'll have nightmares about a big cat going for a seagull...and the result of it!!

Annette, Brazil was fantastic, sunny, warm and relaxing...wish I could post the pictures I've taken just to prove! I even have a lovely golden tan, but then again I am naturally tanned anyway :-D

deb said...

Annette, please read my PIF post.

Also, I've posted a kitty related piano story as well.