Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good for all of you that went on the march.

Having read all these blogs about that day, and how far you all walked,(worth it though wasn't it!) and how well it all went.

But the one thing that keeps being mentioned is the amount of fun you had! Whether you went straight home or not, I bet you all talked and cheered at the amount of people that turned up that day.You probably discussed how it was planned, who did what, and after all the hard work, how pleased you were because it went so well.

You may have read the posting I did about the demos I have been on and I said then about the fun we had. And we did.
You do feel great, you feel you have done something and others have heard your voice.
You feel proud that you made the effort and went.

Well done all of you.

You never know, you might get hooked on this!!

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