Saturday, August 11, 2007

Can someone please tell me, how do I put pictures and "youtube" on my blog page?

I have been blogging for well over 2 years now, this is not my first blogging site, and I have only just learnt how to put Youtube on my site. But I do not know how to put it actually on my blogging page.

We did not bother with pictures and youtube on my last blogging site. It was not needed.

When I have tried to put pictures on, it took so long, I got so fed up with it and then I deleted it. Patience is not my strong point!

Can you tell me please?


Claire said...

Hello Annette,

I add pics in the 'create posts' thing, using the 'add image' button. It's the tiny square greeny-blue button, in the beige part of the screen, directly above where you write your stuff -on the far right of the other buttons (font, bold, text colours etc).

All those buttons tell you what they do, if your mouse hovers over them for a moment.

Click the 'add image' button...

In the next pop-up window, 'browse..' lets you poke around on your computer till you find the image you want.

Click on the one you want and then click 'open'; it *should* start uploading it... sometimes it's slow if the image is big (in megabytes). You can see the size if your mouse points at the pic name before you upload it. Sometimes Blogger's just really slow anyway!

Good luck - hope this isn't too nerdy, but I am one!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Hey Annette. Do what Claire said with the pictures & they should load up fine. To position them in the post just right click & copy, then position the cursor where you want & then paste. I use a Firefox browser so i have to do that, for windows I think you can just drag to position the pictures.

As for Youtube, when you see a video you like look to the right of it & you will see a little box with the word "Embed" next to it. Click on that until it is highlighted blue, right click & select 'copy'. Then go to your blog post & right click, then select 'paste' & voila! A Youtube video embedded into your blog post! :)

Now I have a question for you...... How on earth do you manage to paragraph your posts?! I've tried so often with mine & it never does it, I've even changed the template but it still doesn't seem to work despite my friend having the same template & managing to do it!!!!! Arrrgggghhhh! lol

Hope that helps :o) xxx

Annette said...

Will give it a go and start practising.

Noddy said...


Firefox also lets you drag images, just click image once and drag to preferred position.

Paragraphing only needs you to use the enter key to add a line's break.