Monday, July 23, 2007

This is the only time when I have felt I've got to write about the same blog...twice.

The reason for this is because I really do feel that all you want to do is find something, anything at all, to have a go at Tony.

As I said in the last blog and it has been confirmed:
There is insufficent evidence for prosecutors to expect that they could win a conviction in court.

Now, you know as well as I do that during the proceedings,which took 16 months, 4 people were arrested and Tony Blair himself was questioned 3 times by the police.

If John Yates can't find anything illegal after all this, then who can?
I am not criticing John Yates for his handling of this case even
Sir Ian Blair described the inquiry as "meticulous and proportionate."

But if he can't find anything after all that, well, who can?

If the police are keeping things quite then it is because there was nothing illegal about it.

I think we will have to agree to differ on this one.


totallyun-pc said...

Oh dear, sorry babes.

I know your a supporter... but something smells, and people like that, at the top of our trees, they have more power than we give them credit. Its another world.

If he is innocent, or indeed anyone else for that matter....

was that the same with the illegal purchases of flats in Islington ? nothing wrong there?

The Scientist who "committed suicide" over the dodgy Dossier? is that ok?

The none existant "weapons of Mass destruction" hmmm... pattern....

The fact that the blairs and W Bush have a stake in George Bush Seniors company, currently placing oil pipes throug Afghanistan?... now, thats what I call a contract... (so is thatcher and Major and Clinton... just for balance..)

Human rights legislation, Cherie Booths dad, Millions paid into Labour coffers with unclaimed sources, cabinet pillow talk, Passports for aupairs...yadda yadda yadda... the list goes on...thats before we get to the cash for honours, which incidentally was the first time these accusations were made.....

This government has literally made Sleaze an art form, And spin a way of daily life. ("Now would be a good day to mention taxed/pensions".... it will get buried.... remember that on 9/11?)

Remember the posters of the election against a rather limp John Major.... those eyes... that wasn't a trick... they were real!

Anyway.... I think thats point made.... how was work today? X

Annette said...

Thanks, I appreciate you writing back to me.
I love it when you call me babes, and I do know what you're saying. There has been a lot going on with them.
But as P.M. he has been really good y'know.
By the way, Mrs B. does not need a new broom!!

If you keep disagreeing with me I'll send you back to custody y'know!

WORK? I said something really funny at work actually, I got my words mixed up.
Well, can you beleive that with me!
Will tell you about it soon.

Thanks again.

totallyun-pc said...

I can't wait.,.... babes....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwa! X

Whichendbites said...

No matter which lot get into power, they will have someone, somewhere, within their 'organisation' who misplaces the responsibility of their role for personal power and thinks that they can be a little bit exempt from the responsibility that goes with it. They always hope that they can get away with it, then deny it when someone finds out, and then rely on the rest of their own circle to support them. It sucks, but is an unfortunate fact of life. The trouble is that with the politicians, they are very quick to cast assertions on everyone else but at the same time seem to change the rules of engagement when it suits them. As well their salaries and unlimited expenses.