Friday, July 20, 2007



Former Prime Minister Tony Blair welcomed the decision not to prosecute anyone over the cash-for-honours allegations which dominated his last year in power.

It all started last March by a complaint from Scottish National Party MP Angus Macneil that four individuals who lent large sums to Labour ahead of the 2005 General Election had later been nominated for peerages.

There were 12 rich backers who together bankrolled Labour's election campaign with loans worth almost £14 million.

The enquiry saw 4 people arrested, including Lord Levy,Downing street aide Ruth Turner, entrepreneur Prof Sir Christopher Evans and former member of the council of the specialist schools and Academies Trust, Des Smith.

Mr. Blair who was questioned 3 times by police said he was "very pleased" that no-one would face trial. All those concerned had been put through a "terrible, even traumatic time."

The head of the Crown Prosecution Service's Special Crime Division,Carmen Dowd,said there was insufficient evidence for prosecutors to expect they could win a conviction in court.

Assistant Commissioner John Yates, who led the police investigation, defended his handling of the case as "absolutely proper."
And he won the public backing of his boss, Sir Ian Blair, who described the inquiry as "meticulous and proportionate."

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he hoped the decision would "bring an end to what has been now months of speculation."

In my view, justice has been done!


dickiebo said...

You clearly don't read what was said. There is 'insufficient evidence'.......
That means, that the offence is there, but not enough evidence is available to prosecute.....yet!
Justice may yet be done. Let's hope so.

Annette said...

Sorry Dickiebo, I have read it, and that is what I have put.
Insufficent evidence........
If they haven't found enough "evidence" after 16 months and 4 people arrested, they are not going to find it now, because there isn't any to find.

dickiebo said...

Annette; Blessed are the pure in heart! (You!)

unlikely cop said...

Sorry, but as a professional cynic...

totallyun-pc said...


Tony B.liar said " Phew, thank F*ck for that, nice to know we can still get away with anything if we grease the right palms!"

"Now, Lets re-count that bank balance darling, you need a new broom!"

Last night The Police were tight lipped about the whole thing as the orders came though to put this one away quietly! Another well meaning yes man was to fall on his sword for the B.Liars!

Luckily, the floods, a shoplifting Seagull and a story about the image of the virgin Mary being found on a rasher of bacon were the new News items on "official cover up" standby!

Annette said...

Oh TUPC, you must be joking.
With so many people involved how could they possibly get away with this?
Someone, somwhere would have let something slip! And the evidence would have been there for all to see!
You are to cynical, just like U C!
It's your job, you don't trust anyone anymore!
Now, please except it, if John Yates can't find it, then who can!