Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Goodbye Tony Blair.

Thanks for everything, thanks for giving us our dignity back.

Thanks for helping so many people.

Your a credit to yourself and to us.

All the best for the future.


Noddy said...

What, has he gone? Will we notice? Do I care? Now Maggie going, that was a story! Tears and all that...I nearly cried for her myself - not - but then she had raped oor little nation of its wealth and played about with her schemes on us like we were guinea pigs...

... and look what we've got now....a Scot who thinks he's English.

Annette said...

Your right, when Maggie went we all cried.......with relief.
She had raped our little nation of it's wealth.
Her schemes was purely to make the rich richer, the usual tory way.

As for Gordon Brown, I think he will do well, he and Tony have similar political views.

I will miss Tony though, he was great.

Girl*Next*Door said...

If it was me writing that post it would be in genuine sarcasm! Not genuine sadness at him leaving like you Annette. Sorry, can't say I'm a fan of his.

Annette said...

That's fine.
I respect your opinion.

totallyun-pc said...

Annie annie annie... I love you dearly.


I can never meet you in political agreement. The man was/is a devil. A self-serving, Lying, gold digging, hypocrite of a belly crawling devil!
He has led our country to its knees, and brown will put us on our arses.
Even now, Labour supporters still blame the conservative years.... and it makes me sick.... one day, they will take blame for all they have spoiled.

Apart from that... heres a big kiss X

(oh and I've binned the anon bloke for good. He had nothing to say so I'm deleting every entry.)

totallyun-pc said...
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dickiebo said...

TUPC; agree with every word.
If Maggie 'raped our nation' then it is for certain that Bliar handed over our country to millions of foreigners! And all for some cheap votes.

Annette said...
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Annette said...


I know you are not a fan of Tonys but as I said to TUPC, please go and look at Claires blog dated wed 27th.
She says it all.


Annette said...

Thanks Tupc, I love you too.

You really don't like Tony, do you!
If we ever met I think that politics should be on the agenda!
We would have a great discussion.

Please go and read Claire's blog dated wednesday 27th. She says it all about Thatcher. She made you feel that you were something that crawled out of the ground.
Tony soon put that right!

Love as always


Annette said...

I'm glad you got rid of anon (cuddles) he was getting a bit boring, wasn't he!

dickiebo said...

Who the heck is Claire? And why would she be talking about Maggie now?
Answer; because it is better than talking about the traiterous Bliar and his Labour sleaze merchants.

Annette said...

Oh Dickiebo, I'm sorry, I thought you knew who Claire is.
"Themummiesbracelet" is her blog name.
The reason I asked you to look at her blog is because she has defined how she, and many others felt, when Mrs T. was in power.
She has written a very good piece.
Of course I have made a comment about her blog!

dickiebo said...

You sure get around Annette. I find that I'm just following you!

Claire said...

Hi Annette, thanks for the mention! I don't comment on blogs much, though I do read them!

Dickiebo, I don't think about Thatcher much (fortunately, life is too short!) but she did have a lasting impact on this country, for good or ill- take your pick!

TUPC, even some Labour voters are critical of Blair, everyone has different opinions based on their own experiences and I probably agree with some Tory ideas occasionally, but you go with whoever seems to represent you best. I don't think political views are always straightforward, because people aren't.

You might decide I'm an arty liberal, but then I agree with a lot of stuff on police blogs and get annoyed frequently at 'politically correct' ideas, so it mixes up the traditional stereotypes. Makes life more interesting!

Whichendbites said...

I remember at Wembley arena listening to several speakers, including the grinning young Blair, expecting someone to say some stirring words of support and he said nothing, just made political statements. He has done mostly the same since he changed the fortunes and the coat of the labour lot and made them electable.
Yuo can replace one lot with another and they all do the same, they say one thing, promise a lot and in reality deliver very little. They allow an absolute fortune of this country's wealth and tax payers money to go to waste instead of actually listening to the tax payers. They say they do but in reality they choose to follow the lead of the party line at all costs because we have got politics of opposition instead of delivering what the majority of the population want. Referendums would provide the answers but they will not ask the questions.

Annette said...
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