Saturday, March 31, 2007

Well, guess wot?

I have just been nominated!

No, no, not for twat of the year.

Anybody who has read my blogs will know what I'm talking about.

I have been nominated to become a labour councillor for Hagley.

It is a dominate conservative area.

So I wasn't surprised when we struggled to get the ten nominees I needed to sign that piece of paper!

So really, I am a paper candidate.

However, never be put off, I will spend April going around canvassing and try to get some more votes.

If you don't go around introducing yourself no-one will vote for you, they will never vote for someone they have never seen or spoken to.

My husband geoff is a councillor and I must admit I love his work.

So, although I don't stand much of a chance, I said I would stand as an councillor.

It will be fun.

Actually, to be honest, I am quite enjoying all the attention I'm getting!!!

Will let you know the result.

The election is on May 3rd.


dickiebo said...

"It will be fun.."
You reckon? I think that you will die of frustration. Give us a clue, dear. What Party? And, will the Minutes be published here for your readers?

Annette said...
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Annette said...

It's the labour party, Dickiebo.
As I have said, I am what you call a paper candidate....because we know the tories will get in, they always do there.
However, you don't want them getting in unopposed.
Give them a bit of a fight and let the labour voters have someone to vote for.

And yes, I do understand the frustrations of the political life.
Of course I will let you know what the result is.

totallyun-pc said...

Labour? LABOUR? Boo to you! I just had a load of T-shirts Printed with VOTE ANNETTE on them, then you went and spoiled it by saying the "L" word!!!!!

Good luck anyway..... Theres No good Party at the moment, so its irrelevent of the result, just so long as long as you win. Hey, Thats it, new slogan..... VOTE ANNETTE, ITS THE PERSON, NOT THE PARTY! ....... Give me back that t-shirt!

PCFrankyFact said...

You should run as an independent Annette.

GirlNextDoor said...

Go for it! & good luck :o)

dickiebo said...

You can't be seeerioooous!

Annette said...

Yes, it is LABOUR! Why not?
Better than being a tory!
Anyway, what do you mean theres no good party at the it irrelevent who gets in, there is a good party in at the moment and it does matter who gets in!!! Of course it does, it matters a great deal!

Anyway, keep printing the T-shirts, I like that!!!

I would like to see you wearing that T-shirt!!!

Annette said...

yes I am seeriooous!