Tuesday, February 06, 2007

panorama...........would you help someone being attacked?

I'm walking slowly out of the pub,not really wanting to go home.As I walked outside the bitter cold air hit me.I turned up my collar against the bitter cold wind.
My hands deep in my pockets thank god I put my big winter coat on.

"Well, see you then." I said to my friends, pauline and gill.
"yes goodnight. see you next week."They replied.
I smiled and turned to walk down the high street. It was 10.30 p.m.very dark and very quite.
We always went for a drink on friday nights,it was only round the corner from where I live so it was nice to walk home.

Suddenly I hear a scream, from across the road I see three lads attacking a young girl.They are pushing and shoving her and shes screaming.
I stand there for a few seconds and look around, theres no-one around so I have to go and help her.
I run up to them shouting.
"LEAVE HER ALONE." The young girl was petrified. "RUN, RUN, GO HOME!" I shouted at her.
She turned and ran as fast as she could.

They turn and loook surprised, wondering where I had come from.
As I reached them one of the lads grabbed my coat and tried to push me to the floor, but I reach out and get hold of his arm and twist it. He yells in pain. Then I bring my leg up and kick him in the stomach. He falls to the floor wounded. He lays there trying to get his breathe back.
I turn and look at the other two, one had run away but the other grabs me again and pushes me hard and I fall to the ground. Laying on the cold hard floor,
I put my hand in my pocket and pull out a colt 45,pointing it straight at him, he freezes and I shoot. Blood splattering, he slowly falls to the floor, he's dead.
Suddenly I feel a hand on my wrist, the other lad had recovered and was trying to get my gun of me.
I struggled but he was too strong for me, he grabbed my gun and pointed it to my head.
"my god," I thought "I'm going to die."
At this point my anger got the better of me and I felt the muscles in my arms swell so large,I easily got hold of his body and rolled him away from me.After he stopped rolling he quickly turned towards me and pointed my gun at me again. I got up and with an almighty whack I kicked his hand away. The gun flew off into the air and landed on the pavement.
I ran over and picked it up.
Turning to the lad on the floor I could see fear in his eyes,he knew I was going to kill him.
He reached out his hands and waved them in front of me.
"NO, NO," He screamed."YOUR, YOUR G..G..GREEN!"

I nodded and I peered down at him, my eyes blazing.
"Yes, I always go green when I'm angry." I said. "Now your going to go blue!"
He looked up at me, eyes wide , fear in his face.
I point the gun to his head and shoot.
Another one dead.

I stood there looking around, I wipe the sweat of my face with the back of my hand.
Blood everywhere. What a bloody mess.I could only walk away and I turned and slipped my gun into my pocket.I hoped I wouldn't need that again.

Suddenly I hear footsteps behind me, I turn and could just see a fist coming towards my face.


I ducked my head down and he fell over my body.As he landed on the pavement I heard an "ooff" from him. He was winded.
He got straight up and faced me. Anger shone in his eyes.
"YES, AND I WILL KILL YOU TO." I yelled back.
He stood there shaking his head.
"No ,no, you won't" I could hear him thinking.
"Oh yes I will." I thought back.

He lent towards me and bought his arm up as if to stab me. I raised my hands to my face and then with a whoooosh and a whaaaaack I hit him with all my might. Time stood still for a few seconds, then he slowly slumped down onto the floor. His eyes closed, he fell in to a heap.He was dead.

Looking down at him I could see something glittering in the moonlight.
It was a carving knife.
I picked it up and threw it away.

I raised my hand and gripping it tightly, I held it to the moonlight. I could see the blade glittering. It was very large, and very heavy.

You see, no-one could beat my samurai sword.

I slipped my sword back into the shield, and sighing quietly, turned and walked away.

Maybe one day, there will be no bad guys.


Noddy said...

Annette the Annihilator.

dickiebo said...

My God. You are tougher than u look!

PCFrankyFact said...

I wish I had dreams like that. Thats a Carlsberg world.

totallyun-pc said...

Annette you minx.... grrrr !

go get em' tiger!

I love you when your angry.....