Sunday, February 11, 2007

O.K. I will admit it. I did let my imagination run a little riot with my last post.

I was going to do a serious blog about the panorama programme I watched the night before.
The one about helping people in need when they are being attacked, but , I truly could not decide what I would do.
Would I be too scared to intervene, have they got weapons etc.?

So, sitting here debating what I would do if that situation occured I thought

" well I probably would if I had a weapon to defend myself."

Well you saw the result!

First I was Clint Eastwood with a colt .45, then I was the incredible hulk, turning green when I was angry and then to top the lot I turned into Uma Thurman with a samurai sword, as in Kill Bill, the best film ever.

We all like to think we are all super human beings.......don't we?


Noddy said...

Nope, I'm happy being a toyboy!

busybizzie said...

My favourite weapon is my mouth. followed closely (sometimes literally) by my legs.