Wednesday, January 10, 2007


If I could have a magic wand I would wave it high in the air and this is what I would wish for:

1. We would live in a kingdom of blue skies and the sun would shine every day.
2. We would all live in golden palaces.
3. We would never need to go on holiday.
4. We would walk in woods made of big trees made of gold silk and walk on green, green grass.
5. We would meet and have a drink and a laugh.
6. We would listen to music played by violins ( and Michael Jackson)
7. We would never pay poll tax again.
8. We would all be paid a good wage !
9. We would celebrate christmas every year and it will always snow.
0. We would watch the night sky and go to the stars. (especially jupiter)

Fairy tales? No.........surely not ?


totallyun-pc said...

Re number 2. Its ok for you, its us fellers that have to keep up the maintainance. Do you know how much it costs to maintain a golden palace?, and another thing, you would need a golden bloody ladder to clean the golden bloody windows, and a golden bucket. Don't get me started on changing the golden bloody lightbulbs! do you know how much they are? who's gonna bay for that!?. I'll need more than a decent wage.... And, green green grass..... oh yeah, bloody marvellous that is. Grows too thick. too fast, your bloody cutting it all day long too. and I have hayfever..... so whats in the green green grass for me eh? weeping eyes and running noses, thats what!

Poll tax? who empties the bins? me again? driving down the tip because you didn't wish for bin men....

I wouldn't be able to watch the stars at night, i'd ve too bloody knackered.....

Annette..... go and think this through, and wish for fast cars and air travel..... oh, and bin men. X

Black in Blue said...

Hey 1 and 2 are in India.