Saturday, January 14, 2012

Well,after the horrible year last year I thought we will start this new year with a better outlook on life.
It's not that anything bad happened last year, I was just restless. I suppose that is what you would call it.
The amount of times I sat here wanting to blog about things but just could not think of how to say it. Which is unusual for me, as you probably know, I don't normally struggle do I?

So, try again,the best days would be tuesdays and fridays when geoff is out.....LOL
I'll have peace and quiet and will blog again.
Very depressed last year, got to change that haven't I???


dickiebo said...

Very depressed last year, got to change that haven't I???
Sure have, Annie. Sure have.

Foody said...

Hmmmm I'm pretty depressed myself at the moment. I'd like it to change. I hope you will have a happier year in 2012.
I would like to follow your blog (if you'll have me) but can't see anywhere to click. I am stupid. Can you show me please?

Annette said...

Foody, just do what you have just done, click on my blog on your page.
Im sorry you are feeling a bit depressed as well, its awful, isn't it? I was going to get some anti-depressants but decided against it tho they are good.
Hope you feel better soon.