Friday, May 06, 2011

Well, it was funny this time because of having two votes we had to have the local election votes today.(friday)
So, we arrived at the council house at 9.30am and luckily South Wythall was the first one to be counted.
Result as follows:

Annette Hulett....Labour..................83.

WOW, that meant I doubled the votes from last time.
Labour had 49 votes.


So, I won't be prime minister just yet then................


Sage said...

congratulations on beating the previous score of 49 and by quite a few.. I believe there is a vacancy for deputy pm going to come up shortly! lol xx xx

dickiebo said...

The unemployed have clearly increased by 34. Yet more people for the rest of us to keep!!!

Bernard said...

"Perhaps we could run a guessing game!
I'll kick off first - 72 votes."

I must apologise.
I underestimated your appeal by eleven votes. :)

Did you have to make a speech at the end?

Annette said...

well bernard, I have to laugh I said 65!!!
so you were nearer than me.
well done.
And no, you don't make speeches at the end.
Whatever would I say?

Claire said...

Any increase is an increase, it's really good that you stood! Oops, bad rhyme there...