Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is the first time I have been able to blog since 23rd June, and I,ve just had to sign in!
I had even forgot that we have to do sometimes. LOL
Anyway, just to let you know that geoff is back in hospital just for today though, as he has had to have manipulation on his knee.
You see, it wouldn't bend properly.
So, they will knock him out, and wiggle the knee about and get it going.
It sounds quite rough actually as the doctor Mr. Bell did explain that he could break geoff leg doing it!!!Although he did explain that in 20 years that has only happened once.
That frightened us both.
I will have to ring tomorrow morning and find out what time to pick geoff up.
It's geoffs last chance to get his knee right, they can do nothing else, it is up to geoff now. He has to do his excercises 4 times a day and then after a couple of weeks it will be like new, we hope.
So, lets hope.
It is so funny to do this now, it has taken me a long time to do this, I'm all rusty.
I miss blogging so much but don't have time.
I'll have to give up work!!!!
I've been at Asda for 20 years now, and the manager, Nigel, came and shook my hand.
I told him you get less for murder.

Anyway, lets hope it's not long before I can start again.
Although I've said that before, haven't I?

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