Friday, December 11, 2009

Isn't it funny that this year it has taken me longer to get into christmas than last year.
I don't mean the meaning of christmas, I mean the buying presents the wrapping of them and delivering them.
Most years I like to get all the present buying and the wrapping done by the end of November so I can just relax and enjoy December, although there is a lot of overtime then, I don't mind doing it, it adds to the atmosphere as most people are in really good moods, all looking forward to christmas day.
But this year, I'm still buying presents now,and there's only 2 weeks to go.
I'm all behind. As they say.
I haven't even got to do a lot of food shopping because this year Geoff and I are going to our favourite Indian restaurant for christmas dinner.
We've done this before and it's great, a hot curry and no washing up.
On boxing day, we're going to Oxford to see the family and we will be having lunch at my mums.
That will be a traditional christmas dinner.
I won't be cooking until sunday, so that's great.
We never have guests on christmas day because all of my step children (now adults in their 40's!) are married or have partners and they go to their mums or their mum-in-laws, for christmas day.
We don't mind, as long as they enjoy themselves, that's great.
It's been a funny year what with geoff being ill with his heart and then with his gout.
I think I will be happy to get this year over with really and start a new year.
There's always one year isn't there?
Talking about geoffs heart problem we went to the hospital last tuesday for his check-up and they told him they did not want to see again. We were very pleased with that.
No more going there, which is a relief really because the car parking is awful and we do wait quite a while to see a doctor
So, we should enjoy christmas now, and I've still got one more present to get!


deb said...

Sounds like really pleasant holidays, Annette.

It'll be just three of us here. Mom, 'A', and me. We have some company coming for dinner the Friday before (oooh, that's coming up soon!).

Thankfully I finished my shopping up a couple weeks has been extremely busy and it's all I can do to keep up with that.

Foody said...

Glad to hear abour Geoff.
That's very unselfish not to expect children and step children to come to you. I have had that problem from older generation and all we've ever wanted to do is just stay at home on our own.
I know you still have buying to do but you will get there! Cos you'll have to!