Friday, October 23, 2009

Last week geoff had his usual annual anti-flu jab.
He's now got a stinking cold.
So have I and the cat, Snowdrop.
Last friday geoff said how ill he felt, he was dizzy and hot and cold and kept sneezing. I reminded him that every year when he has his jab, he always feels ill for a few days afterwards.
On saturday he woke up and nearly blew the house down with his sneezing, and thats when we realised he had a cold. He was rough for the weekend but felt better by monday.
Or so we thought.
Monday night he went to bed and he didn't get up until wednesday.
Luckily tuesdays is my day off, so I could see to him. Geoff asked me to ring the doctors and check that it wasn't going to effect his heart problem,and also to ask if he could have some anti-biotics for his chest. I spoke to the doctor and he told me he wasn't happy giving geoff tablets without seeing him, well, geoff could not gte to the surgery that day as he was too ill.
The doctor did not offer to come out and see him.
Although geoff wasn't very happy with that, but as I said, it was just a cold, nothing too serious.
So, all day I made cups of tea and only cooked a little dinner for him tuesday night, as he wasn't very hungry, and believe you me, that must mean geoff is ill for he never gives up his food.
Tuesday night I went to bed and woke up wednesday morning, and felt dreadful!
I had picked it up, thanks geoff!!!
I rang in sick for that day and went back to work on thursday,as you can't have a lot of time of sick at Asda,but I was still feeling rough.
Everybody was asking me how I was, in particular Matt, who is new to Asda but we are really good friends and we have a good laugh.
When I got home, geoff sad he was worried about Snowdrop as she wasn't eating.She was also dribbling like mad from her mouth. I told him that she hadn't eaten a lot on wednesday but I admit I was too ill to worry too much about her.
We tried to feed her again, just to see what she did, and she sniffed it and walked away.
Well, you can't leave that alone, so a trip to the vet was in hand.
Getting her basket out of the cupboard I picked her up and of course, she struggled. She scratched me which made me jump, then she struggled and manage to jump out of my arms and she ran away.
She was gone for over an hour!!!
We ran the vets and explained and they told us to wait and see if she comes back, if she does, then just bring her down.
She did come back, very slowly, and a little on edge.
However, we did get her in her basket and took her down to the vet.
They were laughing when we got there, because, once you get Snowdrop in the basket, she is so docile!!! they couldn't believe she would react the way she did.
The vet examined her but couldn't really work out what was wrong, her temperature was a little higher than normal, but nothing to worry about.
The vet examined every inch of her to see whether she was in pain, but she didn't flinch, which meant she wasn't in any pain at all.
While we were there I sneezed a couple of times and apologised for doing so. So did geoff.
The vet then announced that she thought Snowdrop may have a bit of a cold herself!
This surprised us as she has her yearly injections for the cat flu etc.
The vet explained that she could still get a cold,and thankfully we brought her in straight away so they could deal with it quickly. She gave Snowdrop an antibiotic injection and gave us 10 tablets to give her twice daily for a week. She is making good progress now, and beginning to eat again.
That will clear everything up, she explained.
We laughed actually because as I said to geoff, that is exactly whats happened to him. He had his antiflu jab and still got a cold. He gave it to me and then gave it to Snowdrop.
So, what a week it's been.
All three of us bad and what about matt, you may ask.
You've guessed it:
I gave him my cold now!!!!
Well, theres nothing like share and share alike between friends, is there?


Kippers Dickie said...

It makes you wonder if Geoff should have given the jab a miss. After all if he hadn't been in contact with anyone, how did he catch it?
I don't envy you sitting on that checkout, with hundreds of customers filing past, sneezing and coughing and spreading goodness knows what??
Anyway I'm glad to hear you have all got over it.

dickiebo said...

Isn't it a bit worrying that, despite the money they earn, doctors are now extremely reluctant to pay 'house calls'?

Annette said...

Yes, Dickiebo, I agree.
They seem to have sttopped a lot of house calls now.

deb said...

Wow, here in the States it's been decades since doctors would co house calls. The last I can recall was in the 60's.

Glad you are all on the mend.

BTW, we've all gotten flu shots for upwards of 17 years now and never had any poor reactions.

Annette said...

WOW debs. I wish,
I am 53 and I was refused a flu jab!!!
You have to be 60.
The only reason you would get one is if you are diabetic or have a heart problem regardless of age.

Sage said...

I had my flu jab last week, helps being asthmatic :-(, but only after I got rid of the heavy cold I brought back from Cornwall... still don't feel brilliant but now making some chicken soup.. in the hope it will help.

Hope you, Geoff, Snowdrop and Matt soon feel better xx