Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When I was thinking about doing the blog about my grandfather, Frank, I asked my mum for the photos and of course, all of them came out.
By that I mean all our school photos, and thousands of others and I did print that one of me with my best friend Jane and her sisters. Well, my mum was quite upset when she noticed that the one photo she had kept for years was missing.
The school photo.
After we left she hunted for it and found it in a box full, of course, of other photos.
Geoff and I went to Oxford on Easter Sunday and my mum showed me the photo and I just had to show all of you.
The photo was taken at Blackbird Leys junior school in 1965. I was 9 years old.
I have highlighted where I am and the male teacher sat behind me.
His name is Mr. Munday and he was our favourite. Always smiling, always joking. We loved it when he took a lesson.
The other teacher I have highlighted (to my right) is Mrs. Wells. She was my form teacher in the first year and when I knew she was going to be my form teacher again in the third year I remember rushing home and telling my mum. I was over the moon. Mrs Wells was a rather old fashioned teacher, by that I mean, we always had spelling lessons first thing in the morning which was something the other teachers did not do. She seemed to stand taller than the other teachers. She was strict but very kind.
She was born to teach, and I loved her.
The other male teacher I highlighted is Mr. Jacobs. The headmaster.
I remember he was a lovely, quiet gentle man.

It's funny that I cannot remember any of the other teachers, by that I mean their faces are familiar by I have forgotten their names. Also, I can't remember any of my friends there either, I don't know who I am sat next to. And yet, we all went to the next school together.
So, it's strange how your memory plays tricks on you, isn't it?
But then again, it was many, many years ago!

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Kippers Dickie said...

Hi Annette,
I too have some of my old school photos. On one I had written down the names of those in the class (only 32). The full school photo would be too much and we tended to only know those in our class by name.
What I did yesterday, was to try out Google Street View and managed to see the old school still standing. (Back in Birmingham)
I also tried entering the names on Friends United but had no 'hits'.