Thursday, April 30, 2009

I haven't had a lot to talk about recently,nothings happened for me to blog about.
Until I got home today.
Geoff met me as I pulled up in the car and told me to get straight into his because our doctor has told him he must go to hospital.
I was rather shaken about this and asked him why.
After having yet another bad night with his stomach problems (too much wind!) and feeling breathless he went to the doctor this morning.
His heart was beating too fast, his pulse was three times faster than it should be as well.
The doctor had done a G.C.E. on him although she did say that the machine was not 100% perfect but it does give them an indication of what his heart is doing. She told him to go to the hospital and had given him a letter to hand in.
So, we arrived at the hospital about 2.p.m. he handed in the letter and he was taken to a ward with another 3 patients in it. They were all waiting to see the doctor as well. One lady had a mask over her face breathing oxygen, she was about 65 years old and she had a bad chest infection and you could hear her gurgling as she breathed. However, she was alright really, she kept taking the mask off and having a laugh with us. After about an hour a nurse came and drew the curtain around geoff and she was asking him allsorts of questions. Was he in pain? Had this happened before? Geoff was not in any pain and it happened once before, about 20 years ago when he had gone out one night with some shop stewards he had just won an tribunal and they all got drunk-sober-drunk-sober, and he smoked about 40 fags. The next day it happened, his heart beating so fast he was taken to hospital and they kept him in overnight to keep and eye on his heart beat. It was an excess of too much booze and fags the night before. Geoff gave up smoking that day and he has never drunk so much again. His heart returned to normal the next day.
Anyway, we were all talking and one man had told us he had come in the night before 'on his deathbed' he thought the was going to die his heart was beating that fast. The doctors saw to him immediately and his heart beat returned to normal. They told him he could go home but had to wait for a prescription. And wait he did. 5 hours all told.
Finally, they brought this prescription and he went home.
So we waited, and waited for the doctor.
At 6.15p.m. she came.
She was very thorough with geoff and asked a thousand questions, Finally, she said that they will keep him in overnight and put an heart monitor on him so they could watch how his heart works.
She told us it was not that serious and it was not an heart attack.
They will also put a camera down his stomach to why he has got such bad wind, as that is not normal.
So, we will just have to wait and see what they say after the tests.
I left the hospital then and I got home baout 7.15p.m.

I am now sitting here with a nice hot cup of coffee and snowdrop on my lap. She did not know why we had dissappeared for so long. How do you explain that to a cat?
I will go to work tomorrow morning and visit geoff later I will let you know how he is.


Constable said...

Take it easy hum, hope you can sleep and Geoff get's better soon.


Sage said...

{{hugs}} hope Geoff is ok now... and hope it doesn't reoccur must be worrying for you both.

Noddy said...

Thinking of you and Geoff.

dickiebo said...

Us fellas DO need a lot of looking after!

Lakeland Jo said...

sorry to hear this- pass him all my best. And you look after yourself too