Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Three times I've started this blog and three times I've deleted it.
I am in a bit of a whirl at the moment because I haven't been feeling very well at all.
The reason?
High blood pressure.
I know everyone goes on about it,usually joking, you know the sort of thing. But I didn't realise it could make you feel so ill. I have headaches, backaches and everything else aches. I am soooo tired and I can't thunk.(Well,some may not blame my B.P. for that.)
I went to my doctor (wonderful man) about 6-7 months ago complaining of this and that and he asked me many questions,and he suspected it was my blood pressure, so he took my blood pressure and he said it was a little high but nothing to worry about. However, he asked me to go back in 2 months time, which I did. Again I had my B.P. (blood pressure) taken and again it was a little higher but nothing to worry about. He asked me to come back in 2 months time.Which I did. Again I had my B.P. taken and again it was high, only this time it is high, very high.
Your B.P. should be 120/80
My B.P. is 159/98
My god, I was so shocked when he told me. I asked him what causes this to happen.
He sat there and explained that it is hard to explain why people have high B.P. it just depends on what you eat, your weight, if you smoke, what excercise you do.
Eat? perfectly normal everyday meals, meat,veg,etc.
Weight? Yes, I am roughly 1-2 stone overweight. (different doctors/nurses tell you different weights that you should be!)
Smoke? Yes. For about 30 years. (God that sounds awful, doesn't it?)
Excercise. Nope.

Mind you, I must admit I work on the self scan tills which means I am stood up all day and runing around, as I have 4 tills to look after, and when I go for my break I don't sit down 'cause I go out to smoke. I leave home at 7.15 a.m and I'm home noramlly at 1.30p.m.
When I get home I am shattered and the first thing I do is have a coffee, sit down, and a smoke. Then I have a kip. When I say that I mean I go to bed and sleep for about 2 hours. I am so tired.
All part of this apparently my doctor says.
One thing my doctor didn't mention was stress.
So, I did.
He agreed with me, life is stressful now, isn't it?
He asked me what I meant by 'stress.'
God, was I glad he asked. I wanted to get this off my chest for years. So this is what I told him: (My doctor does know geoff as he is his patient as well.)
"I am married to a man (geoff) who is 20 years my senior. He is now 73 years old. He is bad tempered, slow, very slow thinks he is god and as cantankerous as hell."
My doctor looked at me and was silent for a few seconds and then he said gently:
"yes, I understand that but the outcome is still the same."
Meaning, I still have got high B.P

P.S. Geoff will not see this 'cause he doesn't read this blog site. Just as well, I don't want him to see this, it would cause too many arguments.

Anyway, I have been given two lots of tablets which hopefully will lower my B.P.
I go back in 3 months time for another check up.
Hopwfully, the tablets should have worked by then, if they don't I don't know how they deal with it then.

Sorry, this is just a 'let off steam' blog.
I'll cheer up next time, I promise!!

P.S. Constable confused: I thought of you at the time because we have spoken about high B.P. before, haven't we!


Constable Confused.com said...

Yes we have mate, mine is directly attributable to stress at home hun. The more stress the more the BP is.

Hope the tablets work.


dickiebo said...


Old Plod said...

Hi Annette, thank you very much for your comments on my blog. My gracious me you were quick off the mark with the Human Satue of Liberty! I had not finished more than a couple of minutes when your comments came through.

I too have enjoyed lookling at your pictures, especially the one of the giant Stingray.

As a fellow high blood pressure sufferer I can relate to your symptoms very well indeed. As you may know I had a quadruple heart bypass in July 2007 and my cardiologist told me to avoid stress at all costs. He didn't exactly explain how to do that but I got the picture nonetheless.

I take statins to combat cholesterol, betablockers and ace inhibitors to reduce my B.P. and a daily Aspirin to thin my blood. I am currently under investigation for a possible prostate problem so more tablets seem likely soon. I feel like a tube of Smarties at times. I am sure if someone shook me I would rattle!!!!! However, I am still here and very grateful for that.

I know at least three ladies who married men 20 years their senior and whilst it matters little in middle age it can present problems in advancing years. Remember, the good Lord would never give you a cross he did not think you could bear. Think of all the happy times you have shared together and take each day as it comes. Keep positive. When I feel stressed I go for a long walk and admire the sea,trees, plants, birds, flowers, etc.etc. Exercise and fresh air is definitely good at relieving stress and I always feel much better afterwards. If the weather is bad a strong gin and tonic will also help to do the trick just occasionally!!!!

Keep smiling my dear friend. There is always someone far worse off than you or me.

Lots of fraternal love,

David. xx.