Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is our deactivated WW11 rifle.
It is an Enfield. 303" No.1 MK.111
We have had this for about 20 years, the reason is because my dad brought these (the rifle and baronets/swords) because he loves militaria.
Shortly after wards, there was a lot of break-ins where he lived (Oxford) and he was worried about them being stolen, so he asked us to look after them for him.
We willingly agreed, as both geoff and I love militaria as well.

They were up in the attic because you cannot display them anyway, but it seemed a shame to have them up there.
Years went on and eventually we decided to sell them.
We took them to Biddells and Webb in Birmingham and explained what we had and they asked us to bring them along so they could look at them, This we did.
They have militaria auctions once a month so these will be going in for auction next month. (don't know what date but we will be told and he even asked us to go along to watch)
In fact I am upset to auction these as you must know by now how much I love guns/rifles.
But my head must rule this time (LOL) and we must let them go.

I hope they go to someone who will appreciate their true value and will look after them as we have.

P.S. I have got to give you a laugh, I published this and then re-read it, I always do this just to double check on spelling, er I mean, typing errors, when I saw that I had actually written:
"So these will be going to action next month."
Well, ACTION???
Don't you think that that was a subconscious typing error on my part?
Being they are deactivated WW11 rifles???? They have already seen action, haven't they???
It should have read AUCTION!
God, I laughed when I realised what I had put.


Hogday said...

Hi Annette and thanks for the lemonade stand! Have you ever visited the Royal Armouries in Leeds? Free entry and you'd be delighted with what they have to offer. http://www.royalarmouries.org.uk/home

Serious Black said...

We can all do with a good laugh!

Not enough of I say!