Thursday, February 05, 2009

Well, that's a good start to my weeks holidays.
I have just been to the dentist and had yet another tooth out.
I started to have tooth ache (yet again) a couple of weeks ago so I made an appointment to see my dentist. I thought it would be a filling. But no, out it came.
It is one of the back ones so you can't see it, thank god.
My dentist is on holiday so I saw Mr. xxx who is a private dentist. (I will be charged NHS) not private. When he saw my teeth and I explained that I was soon going to have a plate fitted.He explained that he didn't think I should have a plate put in because my bottom front teeth aren't strong enough to hold the plate. (!!!)

You see, the awful thing is, last year I had three lower back teeth out, on my right side, over a period of about 6 months and I disgust with my dentist about having false ones fitted. Which they call a plate. She agreed although it's costing £600.00 which I am paying monthly. They have been very good to allow me to do this but I have been going there for 20 years and I have always paid them so I guess they thought this would be o.k.
Anyway, the treatment started.
Firstly, a fitting, that took ten minutes and was fine. My dentist explained that with one tooth left at the back the plate would be fitted and that tooth at the back would take the pressure.
By that I mean they would fit a wire and a tube like thing on the plate and it would be wound around the last back tooth. So, the dentist looked at the back tooth and told me that because it's old (well, they are 52 years old!!) I would need a new filling and that it would have to be a private one because the NHS fillings are not strong enough to hold the plate.
She explained that she would charge me for a NHS filling not a private one.
Great I thought.
So, she did the filling there and then and off I went quite happily.
Two days later, while I was at work I suddenly felt something in my mouth, yes you've guessed it.
The bloody filling.
I wasn't in any pain but after work I went straight to the dentist and told her what had happened. She looked and sighed. She said to me:
"Oh dear, I'm afraid your tooth wasn't strong enough for that filling, it has broke in two.
You'll have have that removed."
My heart sunk.
One tooth removed that day.

But what about the plate, I asked.
"Oh that's alright Annette." She said. "It can be fitted with wires."
Looks like I have no choice. But there we are, can't be that bad, many people have this done.
I have to wait six months before they allow me to start treatment for the plate again, this is so my mouth can settle after having my one last remaining tooth extracted.

I think I might just as well have the last remaining ones extracted and just have false teeth.
It's costing me a fortune just to keep the last few I've got going.

I have made an appointment with the dentist, next week, to disgust this and we'll go from there.
Will let you know what the result is.

I'm sure your interested!!!

(he he)


deb said...

Yep. One thing then another. Seems I'm doing the same with my dentist. Thinking of you and empathizing.

Hogday said...

What is it with this time of year? Just had 5 weeks worth of visits, commencing New Years Eve! Abscess = antibiotics = Root Canal work (4 of the buggers - roots that is) followed by a crown. I now understand the bloke who was walking down the street hitting his head with a hammer. When someone asked him why, he replied, "Well it feels great when I stop".

Hi Annette, hope its better for you too and I'm glad you found Widow in Oxfordshire again ;)

Nota Bene said...

teeth definitely not one of our designer's areas of expertise. My experience is slightly different - one tooth too many, so had to have it removed, and three years later still have to wear a brace (overnights and weekends)like a teenager to keep the rest straight.

Keep a stiff upper lip!

dickiebo said...

"Come and join us..."
Reminds me of a blog I once did on 'Teeth are a nuisance coming, being, and leaving.'

Sage said...

Poor you.. {hugs}