Sunday, February 01, 2009

This is Vader who is two years old, and his police handler, Sergeant Simon Jeffrey.
Bradford, West Yorks.
Vader, a german shepherd, jumped a 4ft wall while chasing a car thief, not seeing a sheer drop on the other side.
Handler Sgt Simon Jeffrey feared the worst after hearing him land in 4ins of water that was running over a drainage channel.
A police helicopter was called to help and they shone their light on Vader. They could see him but they needed help so they called the fire brigade and they hauled him up with ropes.
Vader was rushed to the vets and they gave him the all clear.
He will resume duties soon.
Sgt Jeffreys said of the incident:
"I was frantic with worry. He should be dead by rights."
What a lucky dog he is.

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Vetnurse said...

Wow he made the news. A police dog handler friend did that with his dog years ago.
He got him out on his own and they both slunk into the vets very embarrassed to have him checked out, have to admit l roared with laughter at the pair of them hehehe