Monday, February 09, 2009

Since this snow has hit us, everybody has been moaning about the schools closing.
Some feel there was no need to close the schools and I must admit I agree with that.
However, there is one headmaster that was determined not to close his school

Mr Andrew Perry of St. Katharine's in Savernake, Wilts, actually camped at his school.
Mr. Perry has a round trip of fifty miles to get to his school and when he heard about the snow he took a mattress and food with him.

The primary was closed on the first day of the snow, monday, but Mr. Perry has stayed camped in his office.

He said:
"The heating is going strong and I have a supply of coffee."

Well, at least that was one headmaster determined not to close his school, probably much to the disappointment of the school children, but I admire him.

Well done Mr. Perry, I wish there was more like you.

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The Dotterel said...

I bet his staff don't think so! Seriously though, the man deserves a medal.