Thursday, January 01, 2009

Well, geoff and I have had a lovely christmas day. Quiet and relaxing.
Boxing day the same.
But today, new years day, has been the bestest ever.
The reason?
I have just spend 3 hours listening to Michael Jackson.
All his top 40 records has just been played. Geoff is not a big fan of michael's so I popped on the headphones and had them blaring, and then I turned the television right down so geoff could not hear it. geoff went into the kitchen and I stayed in the living room and started to dance and jig about, only to turn round to see geoff weeing himself at me. It's funny when you see someone dancing but you can't hear the music. I like to think I can dance like him, kicking my legs up in the air and doing the moonwalk, but it probably didn't look right as I am wearing an old pair of jeans and the oldest sweat shirt ever, all baggy, which is unusual for me after what we ate over christmas, things have been cracking and creaking, and I blamed the floorboards for that. Geoff wasn't so sure.
So, a lovely day. May it continue.