Friday, January 23, 2009

These are the most unusual churches we have ever seen.

1. Top left. Goreme, Turkey.
We are not sure when this was built but it is definitely ancient.
The Cappadocia valley where this church stands is very popular for it's rocks. The people of this village also carve out houses, churches and monastries.

2. Middle. Duomo (Milan Cathedral) Italy.
This church looks massive and strong and almost evil and scary. Though that could just be the angle of the photograph.
But it is utterly amazing.
3. Bottom. Halligrimur, Iceland.
This church is very unusual. It is 74.5 metres (244ft) tall. It is the fourth largest architectural structure in Iceland.


deb said...

#3...coooool :D

Nota Bene said...

I'm not religious...but always find going into churches very uplifting. The Boy and I stayed in a hotel opposite the Halligimur's a startling building, especially as most Icelandic buildings are entirely bland. And mostly new, as they used to build entirely out of wood and mud...

Hogday said...

Fantastic photographs.