Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hi, just to let you know I'm still alive, only just though.
The problems we are having with Pipex is unbelievable.
They will no let us go, so we have now run BT and asked for a new phone number and new line so we can start again.
Pipex have cut us off and we have asked for our mac (???) number,so we can sign up with someone else, they have not sent it. They have promised to 'untag us'........they haven't.
They tell us they have spoken to us on our phone....they haven't, not once.
They have emailed us about the situation......they cut us off three months ago.
it really is a mess and we are getting so, so angry with them.
What we have done is we have asked BT for a new phone number and a new line, so we can set up with someone else, probably BT, we still have to wait until 30/10 anyway.
Long time to wait but better than being 'held to ransom' by them. It was their fault in the first place.
It isn't 'up pompeii, it's up Pipex'!!!
Anyway, will explain it properly when back on my own puter, I don't like taking to much time on franks puter as it is his work puter.

So, will probably blog one more time before the 30/10 , so hope you are all well, and yes noddy I am on par!!

Missing you all, god bless.


Noddy said...

dickiebo said...

Amazing how big companies can find so many ways of avoiding (evading?) the law.
PS. I have mentioned it before, Annette, but don't let that MacNoddy turn your pretty little head. OK?

Old Plod said...

Dear Annette,
You are not the only one disenchanted with your ISP. I am feeling the same way about AOL who have arbitrarily decided to pull the plug on AOL Hometown which provides free webspace to its members. For full details read the latest posting on my blog. Strange as it may sound to you I have now purchased a new domain name and 10 page webspace from; wait for it! owned by GX Networks Limited who happen to be the parent company of Pipex!!!!!!! You are making me question my own judgement!!!!! My new site, still in its infancy, can be viewed at I will however continue blogging with
Looking forward to your early return in November. Warmest good wishes. David.

Quaser said...

Hi. We had problems with Pipex when we tried to move too. It seems their billing system had a problem and we weren't charged for three months or so. Once they told us, we paid up straight away, but they still kept sending us threatening letters. It took 26 emails (inc sending copies of the paid cheque), 7 telephone calls and finally a threat to 'go public' (ie complain to our local BBC Radio consumer show) before they finally agreed we didn't owe them a thing. We didn't get an apology though. And hey delayed issueing the MAC code when we decided to leave them for TalkTalk