Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Joke for Dickiebo.

A young indian wondered how his chief decided what to call all the young ones.
So, one day, he went up to the chiefs tent and asked if he could speak to his chief. He was allowed in and the chief told him to sit down.
"My son," he said. "what do you want?"
The boy looked at the chief and said: "I wondered chief, how do you decide what to call all the children?"
"Aaahhhh, my son." The chief said smiling. "let me tell you, it is an old warrior way and we have been doing it for years. When you become chief you too will do the same."
The chief looked at the young boy and stared at him.
"My son, when a child is born, I name him/her the first thing I see. If a child is born and I see a stream then I call him/her 'running water' If I see the moon then I name him/her 'moon' If I see a bear then I name him/her 'running bear'."
The chief stopped and looked at the young boys face. The young boy looked taken aback.
The chief leaned forward and said:
"Why do you ask 'two fucking dogs?'

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