Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rant Rant Rant

Well, I know I don't talk a lot about where I work because I did not want this to be a blog site about work.
But at the moment I am up to here with my job. I don't mean the checkouts as such I mean the people I work with.
There was 15 of us that trained to use the self scan tills, and I am the only one that likes them.
We had them installed a year last August and because I start work at 8.00a.m. they asked me to go on them. I did and I have stayed on them all this time. I love working on them.

So, why then am I now fighting everyone to keep my bloody job?

Suddenly, out of the blue, June (thats not her real name) started saying she couldn't work on the other tills because she had a bad shoulder and could not lift the shopping.
Without a word to me they put her on the self scan tills and although I protested I had to move and go elsewhere.!!!!!
Now she does not start work until 9.30a.m. until 2.pm. so that meant I go in at 8.00a.m. and stay there till she came in and then I had to do other things.It is very busy for that hour because the school kids come in to buy there bits and bobs, and of course, she misses all that. Which she loves because other wise she'd have to work!!!
Then suddenly, John (not his real name), he suddenly claimed he was unable to lift the shopping on the other tills and they put him on the self scan tills. Now he starts work at 12.00p.m. as he does the afternoons.
Without a word to me or June, he went on them at 12.00p.m. so then she was out of her job as well.
I was told by my friends that both of them had said they thought those self scan tills are 'easy work'. So they had planned this.
Well, there are 4 tills and you' re responsible for all of them.

It is not 'easy' work at all!!!
This arrangement has gone on for a year now.

Monday was the last straw, not one of them took me off like they usually do. June went on the ordinary checkouts at 9.30.am. and I was annoyed at this. We had a routine that had gone on for all this time and she had broken it, I know what she was doing as she told me she hated the self scan tills now and didn't want to stay on them!!

Then John came in and he didn't come to the self scan tills either.

When I queried this and no-one knew why this had happened.

Well, although I resented them doing my job because they thought it was an 'easy job' after all this time it was me, yet again, that was left in lumber wondering just what the hell was going on.

I have a routine, and I hate it being broken.

I saw laura (not her real name), my manager and told her I wanted to talk to her about the situation as I am so unhappy with it. We arranged to have a talk tomorrow.

I admit that, as I said, I resented them taking my job but now I want them to stay on those tills even if they hate them, because they messed me about enough.

They just seem to get everything they want and I am left to just carry on as if nothing has happened.

Sorry to rant but it has been going on now for a few months and I just do not know what I am doing. Am I staying on the tills or not?????

I can't work like that, I need to know where I stand.


Sage said...

Annette, you have my sympathy.. workmates can be the hardest people to understand and those two sound like a right pair.

Keep calm, rise above the storm but most important of all don't do something that later on you regret.. If you enjoy the self-scan then ask the manager to stay on it, and to ask you next time someone else wants to change your routine as you were impacted and little communications took place as to the impact.

Best wishes

Sage said...

I just tagged you...



deb said...

My daughter works self-scan. She has worked hard at it for two years now. She began as a 'fill-in' when a 'regular' went on break. Now she works it most of the time as she knows what to do to keep it all running smoothly! She has three lines to maintain. Every once in a while management messes around with the job and screws everything up. Then I hear all about it from 'A'. My only recommendation to her is that she mind what she's asked to do, she gets paid to do the work, and she's earning more than most due to seniority.