Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last night geoff and I finished our meal and sat down. We turned on the t.v. and watched the usual programmes, Eggheads, Great British Menu, and Watchdog.
Suddenly, I burst into tears. Geoff did not move or utter a word, he just sat there. I looked at him but got no response. Time went on and still I cried and still with no response from geoff.
I must have had 5 or 6 sodden tissues on my lap and still I cried.
Finally, geoff looked at me and said: "Did you enjoy that?"
I picked up yet another tissue and wiped a tear away, we had not spoken for two hours.
With gritted teeth I nodded, I could not speak to him.

He turned and said:"Next time La Boheme is on, I think I will go out."


Sage said...

I loved that piece, I could see the picture in my mind (always a sign of a good bit of writing)... poor Geoff...

keith hillman said...

I know exactly how you felt. Last Sunday I had a similar experience whist watching Mozarts Requiem on the beeb. It prompted me write a poem and post a Youtube clip on my blog!