Monday, March 03, 2008

I have been reading David Farleys blog site for a few months now, his bloggings are good and interesting, but this one is exceptional. I love the pyschology of it all.

Please read it and see what you think.
'Two glasses of wine.'


bawpc said...

Hi darling!

I agree with you, the message is beautiful!!!!!!
However I can't help myself in thinking of the opposite effect, ie: mothers who are harsh in their judgement ("Their words are never fully forgotten") and mothers who physically abuse their children ("their touch leaves an indelible impression").

Nevertheless, for the good mothers out there "the memory of their presence lasts a lifetime".

Noddy said...

He's a dapper looking Gent, isn't he? Him and Dickie should get together!

I will add him to my sidebar 'cos now he's no longer JOB he may feel free to say what some of us cannot!

Hope your keepng well.