Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yesterday we had to take snowdrop to the vets,(see pictures on the right).
She had to have her booster injection. Thats for cat flu and the like.
Well, as I said before getting her into the basket was a job of it own. She has scratched me a couple of times and she kept running away from us so I shut the catflap so she couldn't run out, you have to think ahead don't you, and on the third attempt we managed to get her in the basket.

Anyway we got her there and the vet gave her her jab and after a quick examination, off we went. Took about 10 mins thats all.

When we got back she ran into the kitchen and stayed there for about 30 mins. We tried to coax her out but she wasn't having any of it so then we tried to feed her. She was a bit reluctant but she did finish it in the end.

Today she is very quite and at the moment she is sat outside the back garden sunning herself in the sun. Shes very quiet and subdude

We do feel so sorry for her I must admit, thank god you only have to do it once a year.


uphilldowndale said...

Our dog tried to bite the vet last night, 10 min appointment for the regular annual jabs, £61:00

Annette said...

Oh god, thats awful. Trying to bite the vet as well as the price.
It cost us £45.00 that was for the two injections.