Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well, it's getting nearer to spring. My favourite time of the year.

When the flowers start to pop their heads out of the wintry ground, when the nights are lighter,and the sun is warmer.

Quite frankly we haven't had a very good winter, at all.

As you probably know, Laura discovered she had breast cancer and I lost my brother-in-law, Jeff, suddenly with a brain heamorrage.

Laura will be having her operation to remove her breast on Friday 14th. March 2008.
We were all hoping that she wouldn't need the operation but although the cancer has shrunk because of the chemotherapy she's had, I'm afraid she will still need the operation.
She's being very good and brave about it, her attitude is:"I've got it, I've got to learn to live with it."

My sister Yvonne, looks a lot better than she did. I think it was just the sheer shock at what happened to Jeff, she has been through an awful time. She was telling us about how many things she forgot to do. For instance, she was still driving their car when someone asked her if she had changed the insurance. Well, she had never even thought about it, to be honest.
We saw her this weekend and she did look a lot better.

As the saying goes:
It can only get better.

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dickiebo said...

That's it, Annete. When the sun shines on us, we shine on others! Innit?