Friday, February 29, 2008

I've just had a week off work and I must admit I've really enjoyed it. We all need a break from work sometimes, don't we? We all have a weeks holiday in February, after the christmas rush we need one.
This is when I do my spring cleaning, and I really enjoy it. I know the weather hasn't been so good but at least it wasn't raining.
So on monday I started to clean all the cupboards out, I do do that anyway but I mean really really cleaned them out. I felt I had really done something good. Feeling rather tired I did go to bed quite early thta night. However I went to get up on tuesday and couldn't move. My back had gone on me. My back is terribly weak, and I couldn't move all day. I nearly stayed in bed but decided not to as it would have been worse by wednesday. I have to excercise my back and although I was in terrible pain, I did manage to do some excercises. I took a hell of a lot of painkillers as well. I overdosed on them actually, but I have to to get through the day. When I say overdose I mean I just double up on them. Instead of taking 2 every 4 hours I take 3 maybe 4. Wrong I know but I can't take the pain unless I do.

Anyway, on wednesday we decided to go to Ikea in Walsall.At first I was worried about my back but then I thought that the more I walk the better. We were looking for flooring so we could do our kitchen and bathroom. So off we went.
We arrived at Ikea about 11.30.a.m. and we were just looking around at first not looking for anything in particular. After a while we decided to go to the canteen and have a bit of lunch. We've been there before and have always enjoyed the meals.
After lunch we decided to go to the flooring department.
We weren't quite sure what to get but I did fancy having wood paneling in the kitchen.We saw what we wanted and we decided we wouldn't get it today as we have to ask someone to fit it for us. So we would go back and get it when we knew someone could fit it for us.
We were just going to leave that department when geoff went to put his jacket on, he had taken it off because he got warm walking around, he picked his jacket up and put his arm through the sleeve when...... crash....he had accidently hit a sign post that was hanging up. We both laughed as everyone turned round to find out what the noise was.
We then walked down to the warehouse to go customer services to ask them whether we needed to put anything under the panelling. As it happens we do, so a young lady took us to the warehouse where she showed us a roll of soft paperlike underfelt that we needed to put on the floor before placing the wood panelling. It was on the bottom shelf and geoff bent down to have a look at it, as he got up he banged his head on a shelf. Luckily the only thing that was hurt was his pride.
Thanking the young lady for her help we explained that we did not want to buy it just then, and would come back for it.
We turned and walked down the aisle, as we did this I turned and accidently knocked the plastic strip off the end of the aisle,(the pricing strip I mean), it made me jump and I quickly turned away form it, the plastic strip then twanged back into geoff.
We have never laughed so much. I said to geoff that things come in threes, and that day it did!

So, after that, we stayed at home on thursday and today we just went into town and did the usual friday shopping.
It has been a very nice week and I do feel better for it, I must admit.
Back to work monday, so I will look forward to that. I am joking of course!!

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