Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yesterday, we had to take Snowdrop, our lovely cat to the vets for her injections. She had the flu jab before we had her, and we had to take her back for her second one 3 weeks later. That was the beginning of December.
Well, have you ever tried to get a frightened cat into a basket? Believe you me, it's bloody hard work. In fact it was so difficult we couldn't actually manage it, we had to cancel the appointment and remake it for the 29-1-08. (yesterday)
So, we knew it was going to be difficult, so we closed the cat flap, so she couldn't run out of the house, and then it was all hands on deck.
Geoff grabbed her, firmly but gently and tried to put her in the basket, she struggled and struggled, all four paws were waving in the air, almost like a swimming motions, doing the doggy paddle and she was pushing geoff away as hard as she could. In the end she did get away and ran behind the t.v. We just looked at each other and sighed. What now? we thought.
After a few minutes she came out and although she was weary of us she sat on the living room floor, that was when geoff picked her up and tried, yet again, to put her in the basket.
To no avail.
Off she ran and hid.
The third time when she eventually came out I picked her up and we did get her in.
Thank god for that.

We took her to the car and started off to the vets. It is about a 20 minute ride and all that time all she did was meow, so I put my fingers inside the basket and was stroking her, just to relax her a bit. She has in fact got a lovely, quiet soft meow. She did calm down by the time we got her to the vets.
we took her in and explained to the vet what had happened before, that we had to cancel the prevous appointment because we could not get her in the basket. She laughed and said that a lot of people have trouble with cats. They hate being closed in.
The vet gave her her injection and examined her fully. She has got a problem with her front teeth, apparently, they have not developed properly. So we'll have to watch them.
All this time snowdrop behaved perfectly, never meowed or even tried to get away.

When the examination had finished we put snowdrop back in the basket with no trouble at all, we got in the car and drove home.

Have you ever been given a dirty look by a cat?
We have.
We put the basket on the living room floor and opened it, snowdrop did not rush out, she just slowly walked out and giving us a look to kill, she promptly walked out of the cat flap and sulked.
Talk about telling us off! Snowdrop only stayed in the garden, she never goes far, would she come back in? Would she hell! We called her, we went out to pick her up and bring her in,we put her dinner down and called her, all she did was run away. Glaring at us every time.

I went to bed at about 10.00p.m. geoff came up about 12.00p.m. she still hadn't come back in.
We were both a bit worried because she hadn't stayed out before, she likes being in the warm you see. I did not sleep well and kept waking up thinking of her.

At 6.00a.m. I got up,went downstairs and there she was, in the living room, looking at me as if to say. whats up?
She always has her breakfast then so I gave her her breakfast and after she tucked into that she promptly sat on my lap making sure I could not move. She sat there like the queen.
Geoff got up about 9.a.m. and she just looked at him and walked away.
She hasn't spoken to geoff all day.

When geoff has tried to stroke her or amke any movement towards her she just lifts her head up and turns it away, as if to say, I don't like you, you put me in a basket and took me to the vets.
It's now 9.00 p.m. and she still hasn't spoken to geoff.

What a performance that has been. The problem is we have got to do it again in 3 weeks time for her next injection.

God help us!

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