Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yes, thankyou, we had a lovely holiday. Thumbs Up

We went to Torquay for a fortnight and the weather was beautiful. So hot.
We went everywhere from Torquay to Teignmouth, Exeter, Plymouth, Bodmin and Dartmoor.

We went through all the little villages and we spent hours on the Dartmoor Moors and Bodmin Moors.

While we were in Dartmoor, well, we had to go to the prison in Princetown didn't we?
Geoff begged them to take me but to no avail.
So I just took a picture of the front door.
Just in case, then I would know where I am if I ever have to go there again.

The hotel where we stayed "The Rainbow" was like fawlty towers.
We had no clean towels for four days because we weren't told to put the dirty ones in the bottom of the shower so then they would know we needed clean ones. Only found that out when another guest heard us complaining about the dirty towels. We should have been told but no-one did.

The shower was so small geoff couldn't even get in it. There was black mould growing in it, and although we told them nothing was done about it.
It was what I call those "Closed in" showers where you pull the doors around you. Well, I suffer with claustrophobia so that was out of the question, I showered with the doors open.

The toilet seat broke (well geoff was using it and he is 23 stone)
I don't think it was actually cleaned anyway, we could never smell bleach.

We were in the room when the cleaner came to clean the room (A young man) and I asked him how long he would be and he said: "oh, about ten minutes."
That says it all. How we laughed.

The beds one double, one single, was like something out of Dartmoor prison anyway, hard and lumpy.

The food was good but the same every day. Tomato soup was on the menu every night.

But apart from that a good holiday it was too.

Will start blogging again soon.

Stacks of washing and ironing to do.


P.S. If you ever get a chance to see Chris Chaplin, a comedian, then please do. He is fantasticly funny and a good singer...I brought his c.d. and can't stop playing it.
We saw him twice at the hotel.
Love to see him again.


dickiebo said...

Nice 2 b back though, ain't it?

Annette said...

yes, it certainly is.
That's exactly what I said to geoff yesterday.
Lovely to go away and lovely to come home.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Well I have the best of both worlds from Sunday for two weeks. The rest of the family are going to Ireland so I have the house to myself! Yay!

glad you enjoyed your holiday Annette but you're right, it's nice to be home afterwards sometimes. If only to get over the alcohol intake! Lol