Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Phew, what a busy couple of weeks we've had.

The first was the election and you know the result of that.Then we had our living room decorated. Geoff can no longer do any decorating as he is not physically able, and it's no good asking me. I just cannot paint, and as for putting up wall paper, forget it. I have never done it in my life, and I will probably put it on upside down, sideways,or just back to front. I really should learn but then again, perhaps not!
So, geoff asked a friend of ours if he could paint our living room, and he agreed. Well, he's done a lovely job. The living room is now sky blue. It really cheers you up when you decorate, doesn't it? Well, I should say when someone else decorates!
We emptied the living room and my god, we were surprised at the rubbish we have kept all these years! Now we have decided, when we put everything back that we would throw out all the things we don't really want or need. Funny how you collect something "just in case we might need it someday" and of course, you never do, do you?

Anyway,we thought we would go away for the weekend to get out of his way.We decided to go to Western-super-mare on saturday and to Oxford (My home town)to see the family,on sunday.So off to Western we went. We booked into a hotel when we got there. It was on the sea front so the view was lovely. However, we still didn't see the sea.
We used to go there a lot when we had Becky our beautiful dog, but since loosing her, 4 years ago, we stopped going. You know what it's like.
So, saturday morning we drove down to Western and we did our usual, stopped for breakfast, at the Little Chef.We had a full english breakfast and it was lovely. I never eat breakfast so it was a treat for me.
Got to Western at midday and went for a walk on the beach, now the sea was just going out, in fact we were surprised we could see it!
Then we went for a walk in the town and saw a chinese restaurant that did a lunch special. Well, mention chinese to us and that's it. So in we went.. we had a lovely three course meal.
We were so full we had to go back to the beach to walk that off!
The day went and we went back to the hotel for a rest, and after a quick little nap we got ready to go out for the evening. Now, we had only taken a few things with us because we were only staying one night.
So I changed into my fav top (with the same pair of jeans I had worn all day!) and off we went.
We drove into the town, of course being saturday night it was packed, we walked around wandering what to do when we saw it. An Indian restaurant! Well mention a curry to us and that's it! So in we went.
We had a lovely meal and a nice bottle of wine.
Coming out of the restaurant, it was pouring with rain so we couldn't walk that one off.I thought I was going to burst.
We drove back to the hotel and just flopped on to the bed. We couldn't move!!
Sunday we got up and dressed and went down for breakfast. It was then we realised just how much we had eaten. I couldn't believe it.Normally I only eat once a day. Just the main meal at night. If we do go out for a meal we don't even have a starter.
Driving to Oxford we stopped for a coffee (Now that's what I do all day, just drink coffee) and believe it or not we had a snack.
We drove back and when we walked into the living room we were delighted with the decorating, the room looks so nice and fresh now.
Usually on Sundays we have a roast but, not wanting to cook at that time, we had a chinese takeaway!

Now, it's time to put everything back into the living room. It's all upstairs in the spare bedroom at the moment. I will be glad to get up and do some excercise and get back to normal!

Im glad we had it done but thank god it doesn't happen that often, I could not stand eating that much again!

Geoff said we would have to go on a diet. I readily agreed.

It must have been the sea air.

Even though we did not see much sea!!!

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