Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Perfect Murder: Panorama.

When ever you talk about the perfect murder everyone thinks immediately of "Jack the Ripper."
In 1888 he murdered 5 women, he has never been caught.

This makes you wonder how many more have been murdered and the murderer never caught.
Well, in fact since pre world war 2 there has been 150 unsolved murders.

In Suffolk one man has even tried to copy "Jack the Ripper." He has killed 5 women and he has never been caught.

Here is a list of the unsolved murders since 2000.
2001 Unknown boy River Thames "Torso in the Thames"

2002 Amanda Dowler, Walton-on-Thames

She was 13 years old
when she was abducted.
A friend saw her walk
along Station Avenue
towards her home.
This was the last
confirmed sighting of

2003 Shafilea Ahmed, Warrington Cheshire,

She had been missing for a week before anyone
had reported her missing.In Feb 04 she was found in the river Kent.

2004 Jenny Abbot Eastbourne .

She was 15 years old and was last seen
getting in a car.

2004 Alistair Wilson, Nairn, Inverness

He was shot dead at
home, after his wife
opened the door to his
killers. There appears
to be no motive.

2006 Jesse James, Moss side, Manchester.

He was shot. It appears to be mistaken identity
There are no witnesses.

2006 Tania Nicol, Ipswich, Suffolk "Ipswich Ripper"
Gemma Adams
Anneli Alderton
Paula Clennell
Annette Nicholls

It's hard to believe, with all the fingerprints and D.N.A. we have now, that there are still unsolved murders.

But what I find extradinary is that there are no witnesses to any of these murders.


dickiebo said...

Murder in this country is a sorry tale. When I was a young man, a murder was a very rare occurrence indeed. Almost anywhere in the country, Scotland Yard's Murder Squad would attend - with their famous 'murder bag'.
When we entered the 'Common Market', as it was then, I predicted that we would end up with the worst of other countries, and violent crime would become commonplace.
Sadly, it is even worse.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I have just been to see the film Zodiac and that is based on real life. It got me thinking about this so how strange you have blogged about it! I thought they had caught the suffolk guy though?

funny sparky said...

I sometimes wonder is fear keep many mouths closed? Hence some cases have no witnesses...but the Jack The Ripper one is the original unsolved and so many theories have come out over the years and still they get pulled apart....very sad too, for all those of recent times, the families need the closure..