Thursday, March 22, 2007


I have always watched Horizon as I find it very informative and interesting. On this occasion I was not disappointed. I could not understand why anyone could question the ethics of Darwin.
However some people do.
In Dover U.S.A. Atlanta Cobb County School board, the second largest board in Georgia, was taken to court, by the parents, for that reason.

A suburban American school found itself in court after it tried to placate Christian fundamentalist parents by placing a sticker on its science textbooks saying evolution was "a theory, not a fact."

Some parents wanted creationism-the theory that god created humans according to the bible version-to be taught alongside evolution.

"God created earth and man in his image." One parent says. "Leave this garbage out of the textbooks. I don't want anybody taking care of me in a nursing home some day to think I came from a monkey."

Cobb county achieved what it believed to be a compromise by addibg stickers to the books which read:
"this textbook contains material on evolution. Evolution is a theory not a fact, regarding the origin of living things. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically consisdered."

But secular parents believed the board had been browbeaten.

In 1987, the supreme court ruled that creationism was a religious belief that could NOT be taught in public schools along with EVOLUTION.

However, since then, the parents won the case and both religion and evolution is being taught at the school.

Well after watching that fascinating programme it really made me sit back and think, religion, evolution or both.

Some may think you can not teach both as they do contradict each other.

For example, in the Bible it states that god made this earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th.

Or was it the "big bang" that started this earth and all the other planets?

I do think that both should be taught in schools, but, Personally, I tend to lean towards evolution, although I mean no offence to anyone that is religious.
I just cannot except that a "god" made us.


totallyun-pc said...

I'm not a religious soule but I do think I have some sort of faith in a being called god, or whatever as a way of decicpering life and beliefs. BUT I also think what the scientists believe is true, because they explaination of evolvement makes sense.
I also believe I'm going to lose an inch off my belly as my jeans are getting tight.... god or science? you just never no. One thing is possible, the other is belief.... both of them can exist!

Annette said...

Thanks for your comment.
But if an inch is all you have to lose then, god willing, you will.
I should lose a lot more than that!!

As for the swearing, well, I could not repeat it. I wasn't even sure if I spelt the words properly!!!

Your comment about the blog is very interesting although quite confusing in places.
You either believe in god or evolution!
You can't really believe in both.
I will do another blog about this I think.

Thanks again,

totallyun-pc said...

Why can't I believe in both?.... one is faith one is fact, they can't cancel each other out. I accept one might not actually exist in a physical sense, but why do we say, Oh my god? or other religous expletives? if our spiritual belief isn't as real as our factual knowledge.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a religious person per se, and I'm amazed I'm saying so much on the subject, but like I said, I think fact(or scientific evidence) and belief can co exist... we all need something to believe in.

Now, why so blue?

Annette said...

why so blue?
Just purely a change in colour.
I might go back to pink, it is my fav colour. But I just wanted a change.
By the way, I saw your comment about me needing you to help me press enter! x
Well, just look at my blog space, I cannot do links or anything, and I would love to post pictures and things. My neighbour is good with computers, so I'll ask him to help me.

As I said I must do another blog about this subject, because I think god is man made, not god made man.
I could talk about this forever, because where god is concerned there is no answer!
You either believe or you don't.
How can there be so many different gods anyway?
When you said your jeans are getting tight are you sure you just didn't pick up a smaller size!


dickiebo said...

A smaller size? He's Size Zero now! (Dreamin', I'm always dreamin...')
P.S. I agree wit' him. I believe in both.

totallyun-pc said...

If only..... LOL