Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Taser guns.

Thames Valley was one of the five forces in the U.K. which were initially involved in a 12 month trial of laser guns.
The initial trial which ended 2004, has now been extended and any force can now apply to the Home office for permission to have Tasers. Thames Vally is continuing to take part in the evaluation of the device.

What is a Taser?
A taser is an electrical weapon which administers an electric current which causes muscle dysfunction, temporarily incapacitating a person.

What does it do to someone?
The effects are instantaneous and only lasts for as long as the charge is applied.

Will beat officers use the taser?
No, the taser will only be used by highly- trained, authorised firearms officers.

I recently read a blog by big fella in blue about the taser gun. Now, not knowing anything about this particular weapon I went on the internet and found a lot of information about the gun.

But I am disappointed that only firearms officers are allowed to use this weapon.

I think that now is the time when ALL police officers should be armed and using the taser gun would be perfect.They would, of course, be trained how to use this weapon.

It would only be used in defence and not for attack.

How many times have you heard of an incident when police officers are chasing someone and they pull out a gun or knife to attack the officers? What have they got to defend themselves?

It's time this country woke up and gave our police a gun that they could use in defence.

Police officers in many other countries have got them, so why not us?


PCFrankyFact said...

I like you.

totallyun-pc said...

Annette I'm with you here. I actually carry a Taser routinely, and I gotta be honest.... I'm dying to use it!
Only this week I have deployed it though not had to fire, (the red dot scares the hell out of most sane people) and another of my colleagues whacked a knife man with one last week.

But the point you make about everyone else having one is that we as usual are very much at the infancy stage.
Look back.
Rigid handcuffs, Batons, CS spray. Leg restraints, body armour, the list is endless, but all these protection options were routinely given to most of the worlds policing community 10 years before Britain thought about it.

taser is no different in that it will take time. But the facts speak for themselves. not only is taser a less lethal option for firearms, but it has no lasting or even continuous effect on the subject. Once the juice is off, so is the pain. Compare that to batons and CS its gonna be the first option for anyone wanting to avoid losing their job when we all routinely carry.

Currently, when we even take the taser out of its holster, we instigate a full post incident porocedure as if a live shot was fired, though its closed very quickly most of the time and officers returned to duty virtually on the same shift.

But campare that to America who have had taser years, the officer zaps someone. Pulls out the barbs and gives the subject two elastpolasts. Job done.

It'll come, it just takes time. Unfortunatly we are cursed with a way to liberal attitude towards the removal of bad guys rights here in blighty..

Love as always! TUPC

totallyun-pc said...

PS. Excuse the speeling mistooks.

Another of my PC's took a pasting today. Its been a long day and I'm seeing two keyboards at the moment!

totallyun-pc said...

PS. Excuse the speeling mistooks.

Another of my PC's took a pasting today. Its been a long day and I'm seeing two keyboards at the moment!

Noddy said...

"Some folk are never happy!"

busybizzie said...

I want it!
Like TUPC said, it's got to be better than whacking someone with a two foot metal pole.