Wednesday, December 27, 2006

to many blogging sites!

For all of you who are wondering why I have so many blogging sites, the reason is this:

One night I logged on as usual to do some blogging, but, for some unknown reason, it did not except my password. Now, why it didn't except it after all this time I really don't know.I was stunned.
I kept keying my password in and I even started yelling at the bloody computer, but to no avail.It would not have it.
After banging my head against the wall,out of sheer frustration, I thought of another way to get into my site.
I went to one of the sites I had left a comment on and clicked on my name.Now this took me to my site but only to read my bloggs. I could not write a new blogg.

Now there are times in life when you could easily kill someone, this was one of them.

I got up from my chair and walked outside, counting not to ten, but to ten thousand.
I smoked about the same as well.

What on earth was wrong with this bloody thing?

I tried again and again, but after an hour I was at my wits end.

I got up and went to bed,dreaming of unimaginable things I was going to do with this computer......

The next Day..........

I turned the computer on and sat down.
Now then, yesterday must have been a bad day. So,we will forget what happened and start again.
It asked me for my user name which I duly put in.
It asked my for my password which I duly put in.



(that's my swearing by the way)

Well, I sat here and took a deep breath, what the ---- is going on?!

I jumped up and
walking away from it (the computer is now called an "it" as "it" has a mind of it's own) I stomped into the kitchen and put the kettle on.Yes I needed something a lot stronger but it was to early for that! After drinking god knows how many coffees I went back to it.
Staring at it I could not think of any way I could go other than change my password, so I clicked on "change your password" and waited. After about five mins I received a thing to allow me to enter a new one.So I did, thinking this was the answer, I went back to my blogg site to do some blogging.

User name: -------------
Password: -------------




I swore words I had never heard of before.

I went outside to the garden to get some fresh air,smoking about ten thousand ciggies at the same time. Walking up and down the path I was thinking of what I would do with this thing!I would kick it, burn it, kill it.

I did eventually calm down enough to think straight, well, as straight as I can think.So I went back to a comment I had made on another blogg and clicked on my name.
My bloggs came up and I saw at the bottom of the page about joining the "new blogger"
That is what I did.

I had another site.

The next day......

Smiling I went on the computer, thinking it was all settled now, when,

Enter your user name:............
Enter your password..............






To cut a long story short,about time you say, this has happened about 6 times.
That is why I have about 6 sites.
I have to start a new one every time.

Having said that, I don't know which blogg site this is going on!

We'll see what happens when I publish it.

If anyone has any idea how I can delete the others I would appreciate it.



totallyun-pc said...

you now have to ebter the email address in the first box, then your password in the second box. Happy new year! x

dickiebo said...

Right at the very bottom of the page where u sign in, it says "Delete Blog". You can sign-in to the ones u wish to delete and use this method of deletion.
(and if it works, then I'm a Dutchman!!)